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Evaluation of Cetyl-Pyridinium Chloride Formulations In Orthodontic Patients: Periodontal Outcomes



To assess the clinical and microbiological effects of the use of a cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) toothpaste and mouth rinse in patients with fixed orthodontic devices. 


In this randomized clinical trial, 31 patients were assigned to brush and rinse with placebo products and 32 with the test products (Vitis Orthodontic®). After screening, patients received a baseline examination, a prophylaxis and then were re- assessed monthly for 3 months. Plaque (PlI) and gingival (GI) indices were evaluated. Subgingival pooled microbiological samples were taken at baseline and after 3 months, and processed by culture. Clinical variables were compared by paired or unpaired t- test, and microbiological variables by non-parametric tests.


After 3 months, results from 23 placebo and 27 test patients were available. After 1 month, placebo patients showed significantly higher GI (p=0.02), and that was also true after 3 months (p=0.05). In interdental PlI, after 1 month, the placebo group increased 0.19 (SD 0.56) while the test group decreased 0.07 (SD 0.66), showing a tendency towards significance (p=0.09). Differences in plaque change baseline-1 month were significant when considering the upper jaw alone (p=0.02). Non-significant minor changes were observed in microbiological parameters, and no overgrowth of opportunistic species was detected.


The use of CPC-based toothpaste and a mouthrinse may help to reduce plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation in orthodontic patients, although the effectsare of limited magnitude and with wide variability. No adverse microbiological effects are associated to 3 months of use.

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